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Sales Lead Generation

Pay for results, not effort!

Like your accounting system, success in lead generation requires a proven, systematic approach.

A consistent flow of high quality sales leads depends on following key demand generation rules, and adhering to process each step of the way.

Our Sales Spark System is so reliable, we make this guarantee-you agree each lead is good or you don't pay!

Successful lead generation starts with proper planning...

...and planning starts with asking the right questions.

When you work with Spectrum, you can be assured of one thing: we are information freaks.

Before we make the first cold call, we need to understand everything about your business model, your market, your current customers base, your sales organization, exactly what makes an ideal prospect for you…and that's only the beginning.

Only when we understand all the dynamics of your situation, are we ready to build a custom lead generation program that results in Just Right Leads, delivered Just In Time.

The Spectrum System

While each of our demand generation programs is customized to fit each client's unique needs, each shares a dynamic engine - our Sales Spark System.

Our Sales Spark System is based on a unique set of processes that identify, qualify and test the quality of each individual lead before it is passed on to our clients and their field sales.

Just as you can't know everything about a person in one conversation, you can't know everything about a potential opportunity in one cold call. The following illustrates our multiple touch model:

Here's our simple test:



Do we understand the prospect's environment?
Do they have identifiable pain your solution can solve?
Is this the decision maker with money-spending authority?
Does the prospect have budget for your solution?
Has the prospect been properly educated to the point they agree there is a possible fit with your solution?

Each lead must pass the SPARK test before it is passed on to you. Or we can take care of the Appointment Setting for you.

We are so confident of our SPARK SYSTEM, we make this guarantee - the leads we send you meet your criteria, or you don't pay.

For the long-term leads and other "not quite ready" opportunities, we offer these demand generation management services:

Sales Lead Management

We help you leverage your lead generation investment by nurturing longer-term opportunities until they are ready for your sales force and forecast.

Pipeline Management

Let us do the heavy lifting with follow up qualification calls on responses and inquires to your advertising, Web, email and direct mail programs. We'll qualify and disposition each prospect so you know on which opportunities to focus your limited sales time and resources.

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